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  1. Anonymous

    This is really disappointing as Nainital is not only a town but also a part of Victorian history woth historocal landmarks

    It not only the government to be blamed but the local businessmen, hoteliers and other people earning rheir livelihood from tourists are equally responsible for this catastrophic event

    There is no rules or action taken by thr local authorities on how to manage such huge tourist crowd and the parking issue is a pain from last 5-6 years. Apart from this the local people do not care about tourists littering on roads and lake as all they are concerned about the consistent flow of money brought in by these uneducated Indian tourists

    It is an irony and so heartbreaking to see this beautiful small town being converted into a pile of mud through destruction from its glory days

  2. Anonymous

    This is an issue which needs a quick response and long term solution.

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