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  1. Anonymous

    Its true, haghnae pae bhi ban laga do,, if govt can, t solve the problem,, they kill the source,, problem solved., without think, source of survival income of life of poor villagers, of himalyan belt, its like,, if my arse shit and, no one, clean it, its remain as it is where it is, its govt emplyes duty, who is appointed for that,is responsible… Its like. They fail to do their job,, so,,,, sew the arse of that guy,, who… Shits.., how can i stop my shit,,,, then again,, don, t give im food, water,, i, ll not eat,,,, no shit,,,,. Rest you all are braino, what ever you r doing,, ll be right,,,, saap bhi mar,, aur,, laathee bhi na tootae,,.

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