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  1. Suresh Dua

    Nice publication and informative particularly about Mukteswar. I was brought up in Mukteswar and went to middle school there. Also worked at the IVRI, used to play soccer/ football during the year1967. It reminds me those days when a crowd of spectators used to watch football tournaments played among various football teams: Research/Veterinary/Farm/ Powerhouse etc. It was during the years 1956-1968. The time created several changes thereafter. People moved to different places due to transition. I made a last visit to Mukteswar in 2018. I observed a lot of changes as being a resort tourist place. Most of the people moved out from IVRI. However, it is my native place where I was raised and am wondering about my colleagues and whereabouts my coworkers.
    In the last, I like to read kafaltree. A beautiful magazine to read.
    Suresh Dua

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